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The Goals


First goal:
Achieved on Jan 11
Calgary, Alberta.


Km: 0
St Johns, Newfoundland

Km: 7,524
British Columbia


Hi there!

I'm Jon Nabbs.
(Joe to old friends from childhood. Jonathan if I'm in trouble!)

I'm a New Zealand-born adventurer and life enthusiast who loves to explore this beautiful planet.

I'm also a member of a family that's been heavily affected by cancer...

Help Raise CA$100,000 (NZ$120,000)
for Children in their Fight Against Cancer

In Canada:

Childhood_Cancer_Canada logo.jpg

In New Zealand:

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Explore the Route and Track Progress
with Polar Steps

Follow the journey!

All the planning, preparations and training. Then join me when it comes time to leave my home and set off across Canada.

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