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Hi there!

I'm Jon Nabbs.
(Joe to old friends from childhood. Jonathan if I'm in trouble!)

I'm a New Zealand-born adventurer and life enthusiast who loves to explore this beautiful planet.

I'm also a member of a family that's been heavily affected by cancer...

Help Raise $60,000 for Children in their Fight Against Cancer

In Canada:

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In New Zealand:

Follow the journey!

All the planning, preparations and training. Then join me when it comes time to leave my home and set off across Canada.

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Run Canada for Child Cancer: Day 37 update

Run Canada for Child Cancer: Day 37 update

Update from day 37 of the mission to run every step across Canada with zero support team. 26Km done today. Got the opportunity to dry my gear this morning with no rain and a non-northerly wind. Such a treat to have dry sleeping bag! The simple things. Did my morning warm up and got on the road just as the wind pivoted again to come from the north. Was biting cold as I run the 13Km to Hampden. Halfway there, a car passed me then pulled over, tooted it's horn and reversed up. I stopped, and ran back to it as a man got out and said "You're the guy running across Canada?" He handed me a $10 donation for the Cancer Care Foundation of N&L. The kindness I've been receiving recently has been incredible. Yesterday as I was taking a bread on the side of the highway, a lady pulled over and gave me some water - which I needed - and then introduced herself. Dee had completed a fundraising walk within Canada, and knew what it was like to be living on the highway like this. She then drove off, but not before thanking me for what I was doing and saying "I'll leave some money at the White Arm restaurant up the road. Go there and tell them that a lady has bought you lunch. It's on me." It took me a long time to get there, and the lunch actually turned into a dinner. The staff very graciously stayed open past closing so that I could come in out of the cold and warm up with a beautiful fish and chips dinner, with the works on the chips. Newfoundland has a terrific approach to fries. There are all these extras you can get on top, and it works in a tiered fashion. Starting small with something like added gravy, and progressing up through the levels past fried onions to sausage pieces and finally to some bread-crumb looking stuff that tastes great and who's name escapes me. The meal was outstanding, and hit the spot. And on top of that, the staff handed for another $30 in donations for the Cancer Care Foundation. Afterwards I jogged on another 13Km into the evening. I passed the 610Km sign just before stopping for the night. With the light fading, I found a place to camp. Cooked up pasta and salami, and had fun making a quick video for Instagram. I saw I couldn't post it because was out of reception. I was out like a light. Also, I thought I'd revive a tradition we had on the Te Araroa Trail last year: an acrostic poem for the place you reach that day. Here goes: Desiring Eating Everything! Ravenous, Like A Kidnapped Elephant. Another update tomorrow. J
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